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Nicholette Kominos

  1979 University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois   
  1984 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
Studio Art
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
B.A. Psychology
  2015 Trinity St. David, University of Wales, Lampeter, Wales, U.K.
Post-Graduate Diploma with Distinction, Classical Greek
  2016 South Bay Contemporary: Project Room, Drawing Inferences, San Pedro, CA  
  2013 Offramp Gallery, Wandering Boundries, Pasadena, CA  
  2011 Offramp Gallery, Crumpled, Cut, and Divided, Pasadena, CA  
  2007 LA Artcore Union Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA  
  2000 Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA  
  1998 Ojala Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  1992 Newspace Gallery, The Language Orphans, Los Angeles, CA  
  2018 In Pursuit of Beauty, Los Angeles, curator, Lore Eckleberry, SoLA, Los Angles, CA  
    Mother (Portrait in Petri Dishes), curator, Kim Abeles, Keystone Galleries, Los Angeles, CA  
  2017 In Pursuit of Beauty, Gallery 3331, Chiyoda Arts Center, Tokyo, Japan  
    Line Quality: Hyunsook Cho and Nicholette Kominos, Lee & Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
    Method, Movement, Memory:June Edmonds, Pam Smith Hudson, Nicholette Kominos,
Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center, Manhattan Beach, CA
    Mariann Scolinos and Nicholette Kominos, L.A. Artcore, Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA  
  2016 pARTners, L.A. Artcore Union Center, Los Angeles, CA  
    Carved Out, Alhambra City Hall, Alhambra, CA  
    Unseen, Summer Camp’s ProjectProject, El Sereno, Los Angeles, CA  
    Gravitas, Brand Library, Glendale CA. Curated by Shannon Currie-Holmes  
    Woven, Sturt Haagas Gallery, Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA. Curated by John David O’Brian  
    Skyline, South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, CA. Curated by Ben Zask  
  2015 Ties To Mondernism: Michael Todd, Kristan Marvell, Nicholette Kominos,
South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, CA
    Sampled, Offramp Gallery, Pasadena, CA  
  2014 By Hand, SOPAS Gallery, South Pasadena, CA  
    White Balancing, Marvell Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Hayley Miner  
    Word~Up: Interactions between Image and Text, Huntington Beach Art Center,
Huntington Beach, CA
    Temporal Residue, Anita Bunn, Chelsea Dean, Aragna Ker, Nicholette Kominos,
Melissa Manfull, Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    The Grinstein Family Artist Invitational: From Generation to Generation; Benefit Auction
for Inner City Arts. Rosamund Felson Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
  2013 Fifth Year Anniversy Exhibition, Offramp Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  2012 Eva Mahlotra y Nicholette Kominos: A Travέs del Cristal
IMAC, Instituto Municipal De Arte y Cultura, Tijuana, Mexico
    Gallery 1912, Group Show, Gwang Hwa Mun, Seoul, Korea  
  2011 Camino De Espejos, Latino Art Museum, Pomona, CA  
    Flagstop, Offramp Pods, Lexus Dealership, Torrance, CA  
  2010 Summer 2010 Group Show, Offramp Gallery, Pasadena, CA  
  2009 Small Works, Offramp Gallery, Pasadena, CA  
    Insight/Inside LA, Jose Drudis-Biada Gallery, Mt. Saint Mary's College, Los Angeles, CA  
    David Moen, Dania DeJonge, Kristan Marvell, Nicholette Kominos, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA  
  2007 To Occupy, Collaboration w/ Kristan Marvell, LA Artcore Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA  
  2006 Good To Go, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  2004 Group Show, Denis Ochi Gallery, Sun Valley, ID  
  2003 Art of Thought, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA. Curated by Kim Abeles  
  2002 Pasadena City College Film Festival, Pasadena, CA  
    Echo Park Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA  
  2001 Target Hollywood, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  2000 River Visions, Arroyo Seco Arts Collective Los Angeles River Project, Los Angeles, CA  
  1998 Structure Builds Content: The New Art of Books, Peg Gallery, Corvallis, OR  
  1996 Vita Gallery, Group Show, Portland, OR  
  1994 As We See It, Watts Towers Art Center, Los Angeles, CA  
    Words and Symbols, Artspace Gallery, Woodland Hills, CA  
    Vita Gallery, Portland, OR  
  1993 Greatest Hits, Newspace, Los Angeles, CA  
  1992 New L.A. Abstraction, College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX  
    Jacqueline Draeger, Nicholette Kominos, John Hart, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA  
  1991 Personal Reflections, Jose Drudis-Baida Gallery, Mt. Saint Mary's College, Los Angeles, CA  
    White Black, Nicholette Kominos / Tiffany Morrow, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  1990 Diversities, Shapiro Jameson Gallery, San Francisco, CA  
    Nicholette Kominos /Antoinette LaFarge, L.A. Artcore, Los Angeles, CA  
  1989 Fresh Art From Hollywood, Newspace, Los Angeles, CA  
    Art From Los Angeles, Nakuzawa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan  
  1987 The Art of Resistance, Japanese American Cultural Community Art Center, Los Angeles, CA  
  1986 Current Focus, Gallery 1912, Los Angeles, CA  
    Women’s Art Exhibit, Reed Center, Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana  
    Purchase Award Exhibition, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL  
  Broad Inc./ Kaufman & Broad Home Corporation Collection, Los Angeles, CA  
  Broad Inc./ Kaufman & Broad Home Corporation Collection, Paris, France  
  The Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA  
  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL  
  Kim Abeles, Los Angeles, CA  
  Patty Alexakis & Michael Todd, Los Angeles, CA  
  Anita Bunn, Los Angeles, CA  
  Jeri Cotes, Los Angeles, CA  
  Jacqueline Draeger, Los Angeles, CA  
  Joni & Monte Gordon, Los Angeles, CA  
  Gwynn Murrill and David Faron, Los Angeles, CA  
  Roberta and Denis Ochi, Sun Valley, ID  
  Daniel Wheeler, Los Angeles, CA  
  Davis, Genie; Beautiful and Evocative Abstract Works,
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  2007-Present Marvell Studio, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Co-owner of family-owned art fabrication buisiness. Facilitate and implement foundry procedures
in the creation of cast bronze sculptures for artists/ clients. Duties include mold making, wax
work, administrative and human resourse responsilbities, and correspondence with artists and
  2007-2011 LA Artcore, Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA
Project Coordinator. Daily orgazinzation of gallery operations, wrote press releases to promote
monthly exhibitions, acted as liason between exhibitin artists, staff, and board members to
facilitate and carry out the exhibition schedule; also, worked on specail projects such as creating
and implementing community outreach programs which included art workshops for families that
were free and open to the public.
  1999-2004 Friends of the Junior Art Center, Los Angeles, CA
Program Director, Sunday Open Sunday. Program Director, Ragan Art Academy:
Organized and produced programs for free family arts workshops taught by professional
artists, at various sites throughout Los Angeles, such as family service organizations, civic
institutions, and housing projects. Administrative duties included writing press releases and
promotional material, hiring artists and assistants. As director of the Ragan Art Academy,
coordinated and implemented an adjunct arts program for teens which emphasized an
intensive and advanced two and three-dimensional curriculum taught by professional,
contemporary Los Angeles artists.
  1987-2000 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Educator for LAMAG’s out-reach art program. Curatorial Assistant to the Director of
Exhibitions: Development and implementation of interactive tours and art workshops for
school-aged children in connection with the gallery's art exhibitions. The hour-long tours and
workshops were designed to address thematic concerns and formal qualities found in the work
on exhibit. As curatorial assistant acted as project coordinator for community based exhibits
such as the Los Angeles Juried Exhibitions 1995, 1997, and 1999, and the CAA/MFA Exhibition.
Worked with the director of exhibitions in the formulation and promotion of the Guest Curator
for 1998, 1999 and 2000. Wrote promotional material. Provided research for project
development. Assisted in preparation of artist’s contracts. Corresponded and met with artists
and curators concerning issues related to the LAMAG's exhibitions and Slide Registry.
  1996-2000 Friends of the Junior Art Center Artist-In-Residence Program
Artist-in-Residence at:
1998-1999   Third Street Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
1997-1998   Lockhurst Elementary School, Woodland Hills, CA
1996-1999   Short-Term Workshops include:
Huntington Library, San Merino, CA
Glen Feliz Elementary School, Los Angels, CA
Japanese American Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Armand Hammar Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Hathaway House, Los Angeles, CA
Kidspace Museum, Pasadena, CA;
South Pasadena Public Library, South Pasadena, CA.
  1998 and 1999 Junior Art Center Summer Art Program, Los Angeles, CA
Art Instructor: Prepared a curriculum utilizing mixed media techniques as well as introducing students to art of various cultures and historical time periods
  1995 City Hearts Youth Program, Los Angeles, CA
Art Instructor: Twelve-week interdisciplinary art and photography based workshops for youths that were taught in conjunction with a Los Angeles Police Department’s rehabilitation program for teens who had done graffiti. Taught with fellow artist, Anita Bunn. The workshops culminated in a group exhibition of the students finished art projects.
  1989 California Arts Council Artist-in-Residency Grant at Watts Towers Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
Artist-in-residence: One-year residency at 99th Street School instructing third and fourth graders
in art – drawing, sculpture, and mixed media projects. An exhibition of the children's artwork was
held at the school.
  1985 Using Your Wings to Fly, Carbonale, IL
Created and developed an independent art program and taught children of various ages.
Curriculam focused on foundational techniques, using artists work from various time periods
as inspiration.
  1984-1985 Carbondale New School, Carbondale, IL
Director Summer School Art Program: Oversaw and developed the children’s art program for
students from kindgergarten through eight grade. The curriculm allowed students to explore a
wide spectrum of art materials and techniques through the context of art history. Taught art
classes. Recruited students. Trained and hired artists’ assistants. Participated in fundraising
efforts andwrote and designed promotional material.
  1982-1984 Carbondale New School, Carbondale, IL
Art Instructor.
  1985-1993 Social Vocational Services, Alhambra, CA
Social Vocational Therapist. Provided psychological services for adult clients with special needs. Created individualized programs for clients that emphasized community integration and prevocational skills. Presentation of reports to staff and social workers regarding the clients’ progress. Prepared detailed analyses of clients’ social and vocational behavior. Acted as an advocate to help the clients procure proper medical care, fair housing, and insure their personal rights.
  1982-1984 Southern Illinois University Museum, Art Exhibition Division ,  Carbondale, IL
Preparator and Graphic Design assistant
  2018 Curator: Tender Ground, Pamela Smith Hudson and Kristan Marvell; and Nest of Sadness, Eva Malhotra. Produced three free family art workshops lead by exhibiting artists, SoLA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  2017 to present Board of Directors, Treasurer, South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  
  2009 Co-curator with Jane Chafin of the exhibition: Aron Goldberg: A Life in Self-Portraits, Offramp Gallery, September 13–October 25,  2009, Pasadena, CA  
  2009 Developed and coordinated art workshops for families, for LA Artcore Brewery Gallery, Los Angeles, CA which were free and open to the public.  
  2000 Los Angeles County Arts Commission Organizational Grant Program
Visual Arts Panelist