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  Artist Statement  

Often I begin a series by taking inspiration from a commonplace object such as a spoon, a map, a table leg. The allure could be from its shape, function, or history, as well as the layers of information emerging from the context of its familiarity.

These constructions are based on simple forms and compositional subtleties, and a demarcation line helps to define the context. For instance: a thin line is loosely drawn, center point, creating symmetry, although, not the mechanical bilateral symmetry of a Rorschach blot, but, an imperfect one as with the human form.

Within the divided space, forms are floated in a pale color field, and modest techniques such as cutting, wrinkling, and embossing are used to create texture and pattern.

The work is sparse and delicate in order to create breadth for interpretation, and like a Freudian slip, small details reveal their significance as focus shifts back and forth.

Nicholette Kominos